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Getting Started
Nancy is one of many friendly Computer Science students at the University of Pennsylvania. She's in development to work on multiple platforms, from UX design to web development to software programming.
Setting Up
Nancy is easy to install. Ask her to design something, solve something, or join your team, and she will jump at the chance to try something new. Or if none of those are handy, all you have to do is entertain her with a horrendous pun or an interesting-looking fruit and she will pretty much follow you wherever.

Here's what Nancy's been studying at Penn:
Computer Science
  • Algorithms in Java
  • Intro to Computer Graphics
  • Programming Languages & Techniques I
  • Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
  • Scientific Applications of Computer Science
  • Intro to Programming in Java
Fine Arts
  • Digital Media Foundations
  • 3D Modeling
  • Drawing I
  • Engineering Entrepreneurship I
  • Intro to Experimental Psych
  • Education in Urban Schools
Hello World
Nancy's already been used for quite a few projects at Penn. Below are some interactive-fied (hover for fun!) of her favorite recent activities and [ this right here ] is pretty much everything else.

PennApps Design May 2014 - present
I created Pennjamin, the PennApps mascot, who ended up being wildly popular with our PennApp's annual 1000+ attendees. He could be seen across all our social media, swag materials, and even our exec board .
PennPlay Marketing Dec 2014 - March 2015
For the second ever Game Jam (game-themed hackathon) held on campus, I helped set design motifs for the newly formed Penn Play, including Mr. Jiggly, who was Astronaut-themed for this year's variation on Penn Play's new logo.
ITASA ECC Marketing May 2014 - February 2015
A three-day conference that brought together Asian-American university students from all over the East Coast US. I got to help with everything from liaising with our Finance committee to design our fundraising materials to scripting a promo video . Way more than just graphic design.
Quadraspell Dec 2014
Players have to spell valid four-letter Scrabble words in this word-generating-, language-learning-applicable lexicographic version of Tetris.
webmaster ( String clubName )

designer ( String clubName )

languages ( int proficiency )
  • @GRAMMAR_SCHOOL Python, Git, R
applications ( int proficiency )
  • @NINJA Illustrator, Photoshop
  • @GRASSHOPPER AutoDesk Maya 2015, QT Creator, Flash
interests ( float freetime )
  • @EDITING I like patching up peoples' grammar and finding ways to word their ideas more clearly.
  • @STANDUP Mitch Hedberg, Donald Glover, and John Mulaney <3
  • @ANIMATION Sans wacom tablet, I trek through learning how key frames work by animating peoples' names like this one and this one aaand this one.
  • @TUTORING I tutor CIS110 at Penn (education blog to come!) and started a reading program in Houston, TX for kids from households of abuse in 2013. My brother's autism has also made me super interested in video game therapy.

Still need to know more about Nancy? Get in touch with a human Nancy now or find her on the interwebs:
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